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 Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10

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Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 Empty
PostSubject: Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10   Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 10:46 pm

Raven Guard vs. Pre-Heresy World Eaters - 1000 pt. battle

Backstory: This company of World Eaters is the legacy of the World Eaters' psykers that managed to foresee the fall of their Primarch to the ministrations of Khorne, and managed to escape before the following psyker purge. They hid themselves, building up their forces slowly. Recently emerging from hiding to seek out and destroy the remainder of the Chaos World Eaters, they were stumbled on by the Inquisition. The Inquisition would like to question them of their intent, and so sent a detachment of the 3rd Company of the Raven Guard to bring them in.

Turn 1: Raven Guard: Rhino drops its passengers off on objective, rolls 6" toward combat squad. Drop Dread w/ Ass. in, shoot combat and Objective squad.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101823-00

World Eaters: Landspeeders came on next to objective; Termies came on, regrouped with counts-as Tigerius, Machine Cursed, failed 1, passed 2, then Gated 12" away from rhino. Land speeders + Krak-missle marine disabled Ass. dread.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101845-00

Turn 2: Raven Guard: Rhino pops smoke launchers, My Assaulty Marines with Shrike outflank on his right (my left) board edge, as well as my scout squad. My Tactical squad attempts to kill some of the terminators, to no effect. The scout squads' Sergeant wrecks one landspeeder with his combi-melta; Assaulty squad assaults the objective squad, killing all but the sergeant, who punked Shrike, passed his test to run away from the melee, and ran off the edge.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101845-01
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 Assaultphase1result

World Eaters: Termies and Tigerius, as well as the lone combat squad over there move toward the Rhino, with intent to destroy. The two remaining Landspeeders attempt to get on the Ass. Dread's back armor, disable his assault cannon. Termies and Tigerius run at the Rhino; a barrage of hammers destroyed it, and they claimed their territory.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101852-00

Turn 3: Raven Guard: Scouts take the objective, Assaulty marines move towards the last combat squad on that side, scouts move toward objective. Dreadnought walks up and smacks the offending landspeeder, chipping its nice paint job. the Assaulty marines assault; the sgt. with dual Lightning Claws misses all 4 times, the others punk the rest.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101852-01

World Eaters: Termies move toward objective; Landspeeders run behind dread, destroy it, and explode the Pod. Termies obviously anihilated my Tac squad; killed evenly with the Lightning-Clawed termies, and killed 3 or 4 more times with the thunder hammers. Overkill, anyone?
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101923-00
Turn 4: Raven Guard: After forgetting to roll for it in turns past, my second Pod drops in, dead center on the crater of my old Pod (Very Happy). DDM came out to good effect, disabling one speeder. scouts continue to hold objective.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101922-00

World Eaters: Tigerius gated the Termies over next to my Pod. The undisabled (?) speeder disabled my multimelta'd Dread's melta, remaining Combat squad takes objective.

Turn 5: Raven Guard: Assaulty marines move 13" (thanks, fleet, for that 1 inch, hahaha) towards the opposite boardedge, scouts continue to hold objective. DDM punked a landspeeder with a Dread. CC to the faceplate. Pod decks one termie with its Storm Bolter.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101930-00
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101929-00

World Eaters: Speeder makes my DDM not able to move. Termies run toward assaulties, with intent to Overkill. Speeder flies behind my DDM, failing to do damage, and mooning my Scouts, who no doubt were crapping their pants. Termies completely OVERKILLED (Thanks, Austin!) my assaulty squad by 5 or 6 deaths per model.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101929-00

Turn 6 roll was successful so onto...

Turn 6: Raven Guard: I didn't do anything, because I couldn't, really.

World Eaters: Termies gated back over between Dread and Scouts. Landspeeder finally punked my DDM. *asplodes*
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101939-00

Turn 7 roll was successful. Yay...

Raven Guard: Scout squad most likely died of fright.

World Eaters: However, the termies had to make sure. They assaulted my scouts AND my Pod, exploding the pod (on top of the old one Very Happy), and proceeded to Overkill.
Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10 0822101946-00


So, in hindsight, I think that the scouts could be replaced with another tactical squad, /possibly/ with a plasma gun and a flamer, with the sergeant having a combi-melta. I might also take a 5-man assault terminator squad instead of one of the dreads and something else.

It was a fun game, filled with some hilarious stuff (like my assault sgt. missing every attack he made).

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Bladebaka's Second battle report - 08/22/10
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