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 Legion XIX: Raven Guard

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PostSubject: Legion XIX: Raven Guard   Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:31 pm

Hello all,

Bladebaka here. I've previously started work on the Raven Guard codex, as I am a Raven Guard player. So, here goes!


Special Characters - 08/10/10
Legion-specific Fluff - 3/28/10


Legion-specific Rules - 2% complete

To Do:

Playtest the mother-lovin' crap out of it!

Fluff: here

1st company captain: here
2nd company captain: here
3rd company captain (Shrike):here
8th company captain: here
9th company captain: [url=noneyet]here[/url]
10th company captain (Korvydae): here
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Legion XIX: Raven Guard
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