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 Project: Legiones Astartes

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PostSubject: Project: Legiones Astartes   Project: Legiones Astartes EmptySun Aug 15, 2010 10:15 pm

Hello all,

Bladebaka here. I'd decided to start this project a long time ago, as I'm a huge fan of the whole Imperium's Space Marine story and background. As Games Workshop has removed their Chapter-Creator rulebook from the (now) 5th edition rules, I have decided that it will be my (and others, of course) job to make sure that each chapter is represented. Now, this project will not fully include Space Wolves, Ultramarines, or Blood Angels and Dark Angels, as those Chapters already have pre-approved rulebooks. This does not, however, mean that they will be completely left out.

The plan is to have components to the Fandexes that support both pre-heresy play, as well as normal, 40,000 play. This means that eventually, I (or, again, others) will write and extensively playtest rules for armies such as Word Bearers, Thousand Suns, World Eaters, Death Guard, etc. that are designed for Loyalist Marine players!

So, without further ado:

The Cast!

*Legion I: Dark Angels -- Status: Half Traitor, Half Loyalist
*Legion III: Emperor's Children -- Status: Traitor
*Legion IV: Iron Warriors -- Status: Traitor
*Legion V: White Scars -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion VI: Space Wolves -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion VII: Imperial Fists -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion VIII: Night Lords -- Status: Traitor
*Legion IX: Blood Angels -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion X: Iron Hands -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion XII: World Eaters -- Status: Traitor
*Legion XIII: Ultramarines -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion XIV: Death Guard -- Status: Traitor
*Legion XV: Thousand Sons -- Status: Traitor
*Legion XVI: Luna Wolves / Sons of Horus -- Status: Traitor
*Legion XVII: Word Bearers -- Status: Traitor
*Legion XVIII: Salamanders -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion XIX: Raven Guard -- Status: Loyalist
*Legion XX: Alpha Legion -- Status: Unknown

When a topic is created about a certain Legion, PM me the link, and I shall add the link to the end of the line of that Legion with the Original Poster's name.

Thank you for supporting my project!

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Project: Legiones Astartes
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